How to looking for shoe manufacturer

Starting a business is the dream of many people. wholesale shoes and sell them is one of most feasible entrepreneurial option, with a wide market. Then,how to find the suitable wholesale shoe supplier? Let’s reveal the first steps in this process for you.


1.Market research and positioning


       Before looking for wholesale shoe suppliers,  conduct market research and positioning is very important. Understanding the current market requirements , trends and competition can help you find a great direction.  Such as,Different types of shoes like sneakers, sandals, and heels have different demands in the market. According the survey results, you can choose an area with development potential for deep understanding.


2.Supplier screening


      After determining the market direction, you can screen out shoe wholesale suppliers that meet your needs through the Internet, exhibitions and other channels. Under the process, there are following points need to be considered:


  1. Supplier’s credibility and reputation: Investigation the supplier’s reviews and feedback to ensure it has good credibility and reputation.


  1. Product quality: Understand the supplier’s product quality and production process to make sure that it meets your requirements.The best way to make samples first to verify


  1. Price and delivery: Negotiate with the supplier to make sure the price is reasonable and the delivery time suitable your plan.


  1. Cooperation cases: Understanding the supplier’s cooperation cases with other customers can better evaluate its cooperation capabilities and credibility.


3.On-site inspection and negotiation


       After find out suitable shoe wholesale suppliers, you can go to their factories and exhibition for on-site inspections. Through the on-site inspections, you can win a deeper understanding of the supplier’s actual productive forces, the product quality and supply chain management. Besides, face-to-face negotiations with suppliers can more directly to communicate details and issues  ,ensuring that the cooperation between both sides can proceed well.


4.Signing a contract and placing an order


      When inspecting and identifying a suitable shoe wholesale supplier, then both side need to sign a formal contract and place an order. meanwhile you need to pay attention to the following points:


  1. Contract terms: Make sure the contract terms are clear , especially the product quality,  price, price term, delivery time,etc.


  1. Payment method: Choose a reasonable payment method to ensure that the rights  of both parties are protected.


  1. Order confirmation: Before confirming the order, you need to re-check the product specifications, quantity, delivery date and other information to ensure that all are correct.


  1. Risk control: Add corresponding risk control clauses to the contract to reduce the risks.


5.Cooperation Execution and Maintenance


     After signing the contract and placing the order, both parties need to obey with the contract. Meanwhile, you also need to pay attention to the following points:


  1. Communication and coordination: Maintain the good communication and coordination with suppliers, and solve problems during cooperation in time.


  1. Inspection and receipt: After receiving the goods, inspect the products to ensure that the product quality complies with the contract. If there are quality problems, ensure to be resolved through consultation with the supplier in time


  1. Sales and market feedback: During selling shoes, you need to pay attention to market feedback and competition,  adjust the sales strategies and product positioning during the sales meet the problem. Meanwhile, feedback  to suppliers in  time so that they can improve product quality and services.


  1. Continuous cooperation: Establish a good  relationship during the cooperation and consider long-term cooperation to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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