Why let shoe manufacturer make samples first

Before we do business with potential suppliers, we usually first ask the suppliers to provide counter samples according to our design drafts. I don’t need any artwork or decoration on my samples. These samples are only to check the factory’s sewing capabilities, operating techniques, and ability to meet garment specifications.

Generally speaking, the supplier will return the sample fee when you place the order to them. In other words, if you are sure to place the order with the same supplier, you do not need to pay the sample fee. But you can also request for free sample fee before making the sample, because you may receive sample of poor quality.

After you place your order, the factory starts making your goods. When the raw materials required by the factory arrive, you can ask your supplier for pre-production samples. Pre-production samples need to feature the correct fabrics, colors, and all approved trim and trim. I generally need 3 PPS. One for the factory for reference, one for my confirmation, and one for the inspection agency. Only after the PPS is approved can the factory start mass production.

GS sample is extracted from the first batch of finished products on the production line. They will be compared to the PPS to make sure everything is correct. These GS samples can be useful, but if a problem is discovered, it’s usually too late to do anything about it. By this stage all the fabric may have been cut and the decoration completed. In this case, we can negotiate with the factory for any issues.

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