Flat Mule Slippers

“MULE” is a French word that originally referred to a type of shoe with an exposed heel and no toes. But as the fashion circle has evolved, there have been a number of variations, including exposed toes, pointy tips and even straps, but the most important heel has always been there.


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Marilyn Monroe is believed to have been the first celebrity to bring the Mule Slippers

to the public’s attention, with her preference for simple styles that played down their sexual connotations.

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Looking at the fashion circle in recent years, the figure of the Mule Slippers always in there, in addition to its own efforless temperament, the more important is to save the majority of women new shoes grinding heel pain!! Today we take a look at the Mule Slippers worth buying.

The design of pointy head appears instep thin and long not only, more important is elongate ratio, The overall shoe type does not do too much decoration, restore the line of the shoe itself and the sense of drape.

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Stand out with the Chelsea Mule Quilted. The leather upper is in a black quilted leather alongside a gunmetal chain sat on a leather strip with the iconic eagle head emblem sitting on the front. This classic mule features a small 15mm heel for the ability to wear all day.

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A very common style, the PU upper is in six colors-pink/snake/tan/blue/brown/black,pointed pure color, but the color is really too classic, fresh and temperament, such color will become the protagonist of the whole set of collocation, so the collocation of clothes can choose plain color.

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