How to import shoes from chinese shoe manufacturer?

Many people want to order shoes from China after learning that Chinese shoes are of high quality and low price, but they find that they don’t know the specific steps to follow. Now, let’s find out.

First of all, when we find a suitable Chinese supplier on the website, we can tell him our needs first, and then ask him for our samples after paying the sample fee. When we receive the sample and feel satisfied, we can start further cooperation with him.

The second step is to start signing the contract. After discussing the price, time, and products, we need to draft a contract. We must ensure that both parties know the terms of the contract and confirm the time limit.

The third step is to pay the deposit. Some Chinese shoe manufacturers require a small deposit, while others require a large deposit. These vary from person to person.After signing the contract and paying the deposit, the Chinese shoe manufacturer will start production.

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After the Chinese shoe manufacturer completes production, an important step is inspection. Especially when you produce a large number of products, you must ensure the quality of your products. You can directly ask the manufacturer to contact the inspection agency.

When the production is completed, you need to pay, and the freight is paid according to the Chinese shoe manufacturer’s quotation.

When you see this, you have completed most of the steps of importing shoes, you just need to wait for the goods. Products will be shipped from China to your country, and many express delivery methods use door-to-door delivery, which will undoubtedly make receiving your goods very convenient. Usually express delivery will use UPS, etc.

This delivery method is often faster, but the price will also increase. Air freight is also an ideal shipping method. If you need goods quickly but don’t want to pay high shipping costs, you can use air freight. The slowest and cheapest way is sea freight. You can transport large quantities of goods at a relatively low cost, but delivery times can be several months, so you need to choose the shipping method based on your needs

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Finally, don’t forget the after-sales service of Chinese shoe manufacturers. The period of after-sales service varies from supplier company to supplier company. Most companies’ after-sales service generally lasts one to two years. But for you, please extend the after-sales service time as much as possible to ensure the quality of your goods.

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