Rain boots in “spring rain” out of the show

Rain boots in fashion,

Not only are the styles varied,

There are also more diversified designs on the appearance.

And at recent fashion shows,more and more rain boots is be Enough to seen~

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, became a household name after his victory over Napoleon at the famous Battle of Waterloo in 1818. More than 200 years later, he is remembered not just for this battle, but also for his “unremarkable invention” — the Wellington boot, a precursor to the rain boot.

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The original prototype of the Wellington boot was the hanson boot, popular in the 18th century and commonly used in . One day in 1817, the Duke of Wellington as a former trooper came up with the idea of improving the Hansen’s boot. It was made of calfskin and added an inner layer of fabric to keep it warm and fit the leg better, while the boot was lowered to make it easier to slip on and off.

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As the great hero who defeated Napoleon, people of the time were keen to imitate and follow in his footsteps, and the Wellington boot has since become popular. But Wellington boots were still made of leather, a far cry from the rain boots we know today.


In 1839, Charles Goodyear, an American chemist, produced vulcanized rubber by accident and patented it. A few years later, an Anglo-American businessman named Hiram Hutchinson purchased the patent and in 1853 opened a rubber products company in France called L ‘Aigle (translated as “to the Eagle” in honor of the United States), where he began making “Wellington boots” from vulcanized rubber.

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Since then, the trend has become a national phenomenon, with Princess Diana wearing rain boots for the first time in her engagement photo shoot.

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With the high frequency of rain boots on show stage, more and more fashion icon and star artists, also put rain boots in his concave modelling essential list. Long gone is the conventional wisdom that rain boots are only for rain, and they are perfectly fine for everyday wear. They are taking over the streets.

Matching short skirts or shorts is the least likely to go wrong in a way to wear rain boots, choose a high waist loose straight pants design, with high rain boots, it is just to cover up the meat to wear.


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In the cold and wet winter, rain boots are also a great way to pair them with trench coats and leathers. They’re waterproof and warm, and can be used for styling. Paired with a coat and a leather coat, the rain boots can perfect the leg shape, while also increasing the layering, absolutely practical and good-looking.

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Who says colorful rain boots can’t be taken to the streets? BV candy-colored rain boots, which have been popular recently, have added a touch of vitality and color to the drab traditional look.


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Waterproof and durable,


Comfort goes with everything,


Put on a modern pair of rain boots,


Let your rainy day go out in style.

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