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As a shoe manufacturing company, it is important to know how to properly inspect shoes to ensure their quality and functionality. Here are some tips on what to look for when inspecting your shoes:

1.Appearance requirements:
First, make sure the shoes match in color, fur length, toe size, heel height, etc. Check the cleanliness of the shoes, including silver pen lines, glue contamination, car oil, rust, dust, thread ends, finished discoloration/fading, etc. Finally, check the upper fittings for skew or blemishes.

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2.Feature request:
Check that the shoe fits properly and that the last and code are correct. Test the bond strength of the glue to ensure it meets the minimum standards required by the customer. Check the inside of the shoe to make sure it is not twisted, which can cause discomfort and scratched feet.

Check whether the font, size, position and specifications of the outer box are printed correctly. Check that the size, color, label and printing of the inner box are correct, and make sure there is no wrong type or code. Make sure to use desiccant and double wrap properly. Also, check for shorts to make sure the box is full.

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It is important to understand the difference in hardness and slip between PVC and TPR. Inferior PVC materials will produce oil stains when heated, causing the glue to lose its viscosity. From high to low leather grades, the top layer of leather has better handle and softness than the second layer of leather, which has less buckling and cotton-like wrinkles.

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5.How to tell if a material is laminated:
Scrape off the material with your fingernail. If there is resistance, the material is not laminated. If it is smooth without resistance, it is laminated. It may be difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

In conclusion, a proper shoe inspection is essential to ensure the quality and functionality of your shoes. By following these tips, you can minimize the chances of receiving inferior products and make informed decisions as a customer, user and partner. Remember to always check the look, function, packaging and materials of your shoes.

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