Things I Have Learned About Dealing With A Shoe Factory In China

As the world’s largest factory of footwear, “Made in china”is a label recognized in both domestic and international markets. If you’re planning to source shoes from a Chinese factory, there are several things you need to know to build a successful business partnership.


Firstly, it’s essential to choose the right footwear factory to work with. Research and compare different shoe factories in China to find the one that fits your specific requirements.There are many different kinds and crafts of shoes.A shoe factory is good at making only one kind of shoe,the factory that makes cemented shoes can’t make injection shoes. Look for a factory that has experience in making shoes similar to the ones you want to produce and has a good track record of quality and reliability. You can also check the other brands that the factory is doing, to see if they match your market and quality requirements.

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Once you’ve found a suitable shoe factory, it’s crucial to establish clear communication channels. Language and cultural differences can create misunderstandings.You need an experienced salesperson ,preferably one who knows the material and construction of shoes. This person can help you communicate effectively with the factory,including sample process,delivery date,packing instruction details,and all other order details.

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Another critical factor to consider when dealing with a shoe factory in China is quality control. Insist on having a quality control team that will monitor the production process and ensure that the shoes meet your standards. You should also conduct regular factory inspections to ensure that the factory follows agreed production processes and meets your quality standards.Orders can be entrusted to third- party institutions for final inspection. You need to give a clear quality standard,such as AQL 2.5 or AQL 2.0. Usually through the third party inspection of the goods,the third inspection company likes sgs,intertek…. They will issue labels and certificates. These goods can be better sold abroad.


Finally, it’s important to understand the production timelines of your shoe factory. The operation of production is a very complex and long process,shoe orders need to buy the material first,then need to cutting,stitching,lasting,packing include all the other process.The level of modernization of Chinese factories is different than that in the West, and China relies more on artificial manufacturing,so it’s essential to plan your production schedule accordingly. Be prepared to factor in extra shipping and customs clearance times when calculating your delivery times.In recent years, due to the epidemic, containers and shipping times are very unstable, you need to select the right freight forwarder for shipping operations.

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IIn conclusion, working with a shoe factory in China can be a fruitful partnership if you take the time to choose the right factory and establish clear communication channels. Ensure that quality control measures are in place, and factor in different production times to ensure a successful partnership with your Chinese shoe factory.We are a footwear factory with more than 20 years of experience in China. Please contact us if necessary.

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