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Shoe Manufacturers——–Some Points That Beginner Need To Know About The Manufacturer

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This article will take you to understand, as a shoe manufacturer, after receiving the customer’s order to the actual shipment what process will experience during this period.So if you’re a beginner, you can also learn from these processes to estimate how many days you need to place an order in advance, so that you can better plan for the style you need to put on the shelves in current season.

1. Development and design drawings

2. Material Preparation

3. Cutting

4. Needle

5. Upper

6. Shaping

7. Check

8. Packaging

9. Case.

10. Inspection

11. Shipping

 ladies shoes supplier  What is involved in negotiating the price with the manufacturer?

1. Style: the most important of thing is to identify what kind of style you need, the general manufacturer can accept to product the bulk goods that the style provided by the customer, of course, you can also choose some of the best-selling styles that belongs to manufacturer. Different styles has different prices,only fix the style then you will get a approximate price.

2. Shoe material: upper material, lining material,insole material, outsole material and even the metal buckles and elastic band and other accessories are also affecting the price. Different materials will have different prices, so you need to be clear about the material of each part of the shoe. You can also tell the manufacturer the price range you can accept, and they will tell you what material to use for that price.

3. Quantity: the quantity of the order is also crucial, and if your order is large then each pair of shoes will have less to share in the cost of production.

4. Size: if the size you need is not available in the factory, you will need to open a new mold, the cost will increase.

5. Packaging: plastic bags packaging is the most cost-effective way, the most common is the shoe box, of course, there are more luxurious packaging, such as some high-quality woven bags and so on. Of course, the package also contains many details such as shoes, labeling, origin sign, desiccant, anti-mildew tablets and so on, the more these details, the more expensive the price.

Delivery date and payment: the final thing to be sure is the payment and delivery, different payment methods will have different costs, delivery time if very urgent will also have additional costs, so these are the factors that affect the price.oem shoe factory


How to identify a good manufacturer?

From their email reply, you can glean lots of information. For example, how fast did they reply? What is the quality of their English communications? Do you have the money and product demand to reach their order minimums? How long is the lead time? Is it much faster/slower than other factories you have interviewed, and does it seem realistic? Remember, if something seems too good to be true, be wary, there’s a good chance it’s not true.

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  How about US ?

Our company has been making shoes for more than 10 years and exports to North , Europe and parts of Africa. We can accept the guests to provide the style to develop samples, modified to the satisfaction of the guests before the production of bulk goods, you can also go to our official website to see the style we are good at.

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