Do you really know about “Custom made shoes”

Do you really know about “Custom made shoes”—As a dealer

Why do we need custom-made shoes?

1.Increase comfort

Because everyone’s feet are different, as a shoe dealer, be sure to know the target market customers foot type, only shoes fit foot type, can greatly increase the comfort, and increase customer loyalty, repeat purchase rate.

2.Unique styles

If you have your own thinking on shoes, custom-made shoes can be distinguished from the general style of the market ,can also express their own personality and ideas.

3.Price control

Customization allows you to select the raw materials you want and select materials according to your target customer group, thus making it easier for customers to accept the price of shoes.

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 What are the advantages of a custom service?

The most common custom services are ODM and OEM, so this article will show you the differences and advantages of each.


1.ODM(Original design manufacture):The factory is responsible for the design and production, but use your brand.

2.OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture):The factory is only responsible for the production, using your design and brand.



1. Products from design to production by manufacturers responsible for the whole process, reduce the cost of customers, so that you save time, labor, worry and save money.

2. To be able to freely, independently and flexibly produce products with its own brand or circulation advantage. By your decision, according to your desire, without huge investment, saving the cost of each link.

3. Effectively reduce the brand operating costs. The cost of brand marketing is double now  comparing with ten or twenty years ago, and the cost of production should be kept to a minimum. The emergence of ODM just solve the problem of production, so that merchants can spend the least amount of money to produce the ideal product.


1. Can analyze the international and domestic market situation objectively and judge the product direction accurately.

2. Can improve the utilization rate of working capital and turnover speed, in order to reduce fixed costs to create higher economic benefits.

3. Using the extensive knowledge structure of the factory and other specialized details of the processing so as to reduce the number of fixed technical personnel and maintain the technical specialization.

4. Can reduce the production cost, avoid unnecessary capital investment, and exert the advantages of all parties to cooperate in production, reduce the cost and improve the benefit.

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 Where can I get custom made shoes?

Participating in the exhibition is the most efficient, there will be many choices for you to choose, not only that, large-scale exhibition for exhibitors is also a learning opportunity.

Search on Google, this method is more less efficient, but you can find the factory at home or your office.So Google has a lot of information, Here is a key point,Factories that can make custom shoes generally have the following characteristics:

1. Years of experience (only a skilled factory can do what you ask for)

2. There is a separate website (the website will have contact information, any questions can be directly raised)

 custom made running shoes Customizing Your Footwear with us!

Our factory has more than 10 years of experience in shoe-making, and even with the well-known brand Bata has a long-term cooperation, so our shoe-making experience and ability is beyond doubt, you can believe that we are professional.

We have professional team reception business, also have professional team control production quality with fully equipped, whether from the service or product quality, we will not let you down, may wish to cooperate with us to witness our professional.

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