The Right Question to Ask A New Supplier–Part 2

The Right Question to Ask A New Supplier–Part 2

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Top 10 questions to ask a new Shoe Factory

This article will talk about when you are sure that the factory is reliable and have the ability to fulfill your order, so when you are sure to place an order, what questions should you ask the factory?


1.What is your Minimum Order Quantity per style and color?

Because the different factory production line is different, can accept the minimum order quantity is different.


2.What is your current lead time for production?

Since shoes are as seasonal as clothes, the lead time is crucial, determining when you can receive them and start selling them.


3.Do you own the factory, or are you a trading company?

If you choose a trading company then you will not be able to get a very good price.


4.Can we send a local developer for a factory visit? When can they come?

Just online communication is not enough. If you can go directly to the factory, then the scale, experience, strength and so on of the factory can be clearly seen. At the same time, if the factory is willing and very welcome your arrival also shows that this is a sincere desire to work with you.


5.Do you have experience manufacturing the type of shoe we are developing?

There is a big difference between the styles of shoes, for example, women’s sandals and running shoes. The technology and the way they are made are very different. So if the factory is not good at making the styles you provide, then the quality will not be guaranteed, perhaps the need for a longer lead time.


6.What are the payment terms?

30% upfront, 70% upon shipment? Payment done by TT (Telegraphic Transfer) or LC (Letter of Credit). Perhaps the payment condition doesn’t fit your way of working, you can always ask if these terms are negotiable!


7.What are the shipment terms?

Can they deliver the products to your doorstep? Do you need to arrange the forwarding yourself? Can they deliver to the port etc. For example; if you work with a shoe factory that is going to order the goods for production by themselves you need to know what shipment terms they like to use, FOB (Free On Board), CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) are just a few of the shipment terms that are available. These shipment terms have influence on the actual price per piece/square feet etc. Google the different terms if you are not familiar with them.


8.Are you able to do special development/private label?

Perhaps you would like a certain material in a different colour or you want something developed with your brand name on it? How flexible is the supplier in this kind of requests and what are development times?


9.Will you provide me with a batch of samples?

Before you order a large quantity of product be sure to ask for a batch of samples.After receiving the sample you can see the quality of the shoes, or even try them on and feel the comfort of the shoes, so that you can make more specific changes to the order later.


10. Who will be my contact regarding my orders?

Because there is more information on the shoes to need follow-up confirmation, or there is more content to need follow-up communication, if you can identify who will in charge of specific job so follow-up work will be more clear and smooth.


    Your inquiry is always welcome in our factory. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will have a special person in charge to answer them for you.

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