The Right Question to Ask A New Supplier—Part 1

The Right Question to Ask A New Supplier—Part 1

The article talks about the 4 questions YOU should ask when choosing a manufacturer or a supplier.

Choosing a new supplier is one of the most important decisions a business will make, especially as a retailer relying on outsourced goods. A good working relationship can lead to an increase in sales and reliable service. A bad partnership can lead to disappointed customers, unfulfilled profits and failed business.

1. What other companies do they currently cooperation with?

You always want to choose manufacturers that are reputable in the industry and who manufacturer quality products for companies that you know of in the marketplace. If they produce for recognizable brands, they are strength and product quality and so on are relatively reliable.

2. How big is their facility?

The more employees the factory has and the bigger their facility is, the longer they have been in the business of manufacturing — giving them experience in their respective fields.

 wholesale shoes website 3. What quality assurance steps do they take and at how many points throughout production?

Quality assurance is the most important step in the manufacturing process. The more quality assurance steps the manufacturer will take, the lower the risk of defective products and components. Some manufacturers will only conduct quality assurance tests at the end of the production cycle to check if a product works. But this isn’t always the best strategy.

4. What is their production capacity?

Production capacity is key to your long-term success. You may be starting off small, but if you are serious about bringing your products to market, you need to ensure that once you close that big sale, you are able to produce the order and deliver on time. The last thing you want to do is under deliver with a new customer or have to scramble to find a new manufacturer to produce a large order.

 Footwear Supplier As a supplier, our answer is

1. We have a long-term and stable cooperation with the famous brand Bata. Bata is one of the best shoe brands in the world, which proves that our strength and ability are trustworthy.

2. We have many production lines, there are different production lines for different styles of shoes, if you are interested also welcome to visit our factory

3. We have early checks, middle checks, end checks. Early check the quality of materials such as chromatic aberration. Middle checking the quality of shoes in the production process, end check whether the overall shoe and packaging, in addition to the factory is responsible for quality inspection staff daily inspection of the production line.

4. We produce 2000 pairs a day is no problem, if you have a larger order, we can arrange more production lines to meet your needs.

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